Unlock Performance Enhancement: SPINPower Certification Gain mastery in power-based training techniques, enhancing motivation and results for riders of all levels.

Spin Instructor training australia

Why SPINPower?

When you learn to teach with power metrics and training zones, you’ll see what a game-changer power is when it comes to motivating, performance-oriented rides. Whether you attend the live, in-person training or take the online training at home, you will learn how to:
  • Confidently describe the benefits of power-based training to riders of all levels.
  • Explain why Spinner® bikes measure actual power and accurate, not estimated caloric expenditure.
  • Coach your riders to optimize their power and efficiency through bike setup, pedaling mechanics and riding technique.
  • Conduct ramp tests in class to help riders identify their Personal Spinning Threshold (PST).
  • Lead classes with new terminology and cues that will give your riders powerful results.
  • Create your own SPINPower® class profiles with effective templates to focus on strength, speed, stamina and power.
Spin Instructor training australia
Spin Instructor training australia

Level Up

The SPINPower Certification is part of the Spinning Instructor Certification Pathway, which means it’s your opportunity to progress to the next step in your career, and also the next level in the Pathway. If you are already a certified Spinning Instructor, you’ll go from Level 1 to Level 2 - Advanced. If you’re Level 2, you will climb to Level 3 - Elite status.

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Spinning®-Instructor-training-Australia-pt-workz-ausactive-8 cec-spin-class-training

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