Karen Gorman

Karen was “born to ride!” Growing up in country town, cycling was a way of
daily life that soon turned into a passion. She experienced great successful as
a competitive athlete in most pursuits she undertook. That passion and
commitment to a fitter and healthier life brought her to the wonderful world of
fitness and Spinning®. The very first time she stepped onto a Spinner® bike
she knew that she was destined to become an Instructor!

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Kim Kleiberg Spinning® Master Instructor Australia

Mim Kleiberg

Mim is dedicated to supporting the health and fitness journey of her clients at THE ROOM, utilizing an integrative approach to health and fitness. She has a passion for training people who are new to fitness or are returning to a fitness program after a long break and she is passionate about inspiring people to live their best lives

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Spinning® Instructor Certification

With more than 250,000 instructors certified, Spinning® is the most recognized certification program on the planet. Spinning® was created by cyclists and is loved by all—athletes training for the next big race, the everyday fitness fan and everyone in between. When you become a Spinning® Instructor, you’ll have the foundation and credential that’s recognized at health clubs, college campuses, recreation centers and boutique studios around the world. Get started on your Spinning® Instructor Certification today!

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The World’s #1 Indoor Cycling Program

Spinning® Instructor Certification

This comprehensive program provides the practical knowledge and skills to become a dynamic indoor cycling leader. You will learn how to:

  • Find the appropriate bike fit settings for yourself and others
  • Ride with optimal technique for safety and performance
  • Understand and use metrics like heart rate, cadence and power
  • Deliver cues that motivate and coach riders to get results
  • Lead a class using predesigned Spinning® class profiles
  • Create your own classes based on ride type or training goals
  • Choose songs and create playlists that complement the terrain, intensity and rhythm of your ride

Instructor training courses led by the best Master Instructors in the business.

What you will get:

  • The Spinning® Instructor Course Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Education covering a mix of exercise science and practical skills
  • Two Master Instructor rides
  • Spinning® Instructor Certification valid for 2 years (upon successful completion of the course and exam)
  • A wide variety of continuing education options for certification renewal
  • CECs: 8 AFAA, .8 ACE, .8 NASM
  • Eligibility to join the SPIN® membership program with access to free monthly profiles and playlists, on-demand videos to build your skills, discounts on all things Spinning® and more!

Karen Gorman - Master Spinning Intructor - PTworkz

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