Saraid Smith

“Completing the Spinning®️ education program was one of the best decisions I ever made in my fitness career. As a pretty novice cyclist (never ridden outdoors!) and fairly green fitness instructor, I was very interested in obtaining indoor cycling training that not only incorporated aspects of dynamic coaching styles and profile design, but of sports science as well. I could not have asked for a better Master Instructor than Karen Gorman. She made me feel confident that by the end of the day, I would have all the tools I would need to get started on my way to becoming a great Spinning®️ Instructor! Karen is warm, open, engaging and so very passionate about the brand, the course was an absolute pleasure to be a part of and I am so grateful I have completed it. Would highly recommend! Thanks Karen!”

Julia Abbott

“I completed the Spinning® Instructor Training in APR19 for the second time. The trainer was Karen Gorman. I have been teaching Spinning for many years (which I love) and to re do the training was just brilliant. It just reconfirmed how professional, motivating, dynamic, safe and skilful this programme is, without any doubts. Karen was fantastic. A great trainer with endless knowledge and a wonderful support. The Spinning Instructor website is a great source of music material and knowledge. I would have no hesitation recommending NEW Instructors to spinning or those who just need a re-cap. There is always something new to learn to bring to your classes.”

Daniela Erni Ruoss

“I’ve attended the SPINNING and Rockstar courses with AUS MI Karen Gorman. Having been teaching indoor cycle classes for the past 18 years (SCHWINN training), I decided to attend these courses to refresh and further deepen my knowledge, and to ensure that my teaching style is still current, safe, effective, and in line with the latest industry standards. I was very fortunate having such an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate presenter as Karen, who found a great balance between passing on new knowledge, whilst also allowing us to exchange our experiences within the group. Meeting Karen and attending these two courses has definitely given me an additional motivation boost/new focus to teach spin classes, and I can only recommend to any (experienced or new!) instructor to go and attend a SPINNING course as part of their continuing education. SPINNING is one of the few internationally accredited indoor cycle programs with a holistic approach that delivers both efficient, safe and fun classes – and I think Australia can call itself very lucky of having such an pro-active, passionate and fun MI with Karen Gorman, who goes many extra miles to support you and make things happen – like e.g. organising the Rockstar course at her home due to the Covid19 gym closures! 🙂 Thanks, Karen, for all the support and knowledge sharing – keep up the great work! :-)”

Renee Lee

“I have ALWAYS been a fan of SPIN sessions. They were my favourite session back in the day and when I heard we had the potential of bringing this in to the HIIT Factory, I did not question it at all and I wanted IN. From the moment we started and were introduced to Karen we absolutely knew we were in great hands. Not only her knowledge and enthusiasm for SPINNING but her ability to work us to our full potential (individually and as a group), and enjoy it all at the same time. I couldn’t walk that day lol. I cannot wait to have another session with Karen. Very, very inspiring :)”

Richard Price

“I attended the spin instructor training course with Karen in October 2019.  I was amazed at how useful such a short one day course could be. It gave me a real insight into giving Spin clients real value in every session. Karen has a great deal of experience and it shows in the way she conducts the course so thoroughly exploring every angle of speed instruction. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to be an effective indoor cycling instructor.”

Bill Humphries

"The Spinning® Training was fantastic! Karen’s Master Class experience provides a professional, fun and thorough program to prepare you for a career in indoor cycle instructing. You will be impressed with her delivery”.

Robin Kenrick

“Start your journey to becoming a spinning instructor here. Karen’s training is fun, accessible and highly professional. She has years of knowledge to share and you end the training with programming and music ideas, ready to take your first class. Go for it and get in touch with your inner cyclist!”

Tim Paronis

"I very much appreciate all your excellent guidance and training execution as I know I speak on behalf of everyone as it was truly superb!”

Raelene Beyer

“The Spinning course was fantastic! It was an opportunity to learn, grow and develop as an Instructor. I’m looking forward to the ‘Rockstar’ course with Karen.”

Zoe Sells

“I found the SPINNING training to be extremely informative and a great opportunity for both new and existing instructors alike. Karen was very knowledgeable and the training really helped me to better deliver great classes”